Asbestos Inspections Can Alert Contractors to Hidden Hazards

Schedule an inspection before renovating older properties in the Staten Island, NY area

Asbestos was once common in building materials, putting contractors at risk of developing serious lung damage or chronic lung diseases. That's why asbestos inspections are now highly recommended for properties built between 1987-1991. Contact us to complete your pre-demolition/construction ACP5.

A Plus Asbestos Investigation Inc. works with licensed contractors in Staten Island, NY and surrounding areas. You can count on our fully licensed and insured asbestos inspection company to be thorough when examining the property you're about to work on.

Contact us anytime to schedule an inspection. We're available 24/7 to assist you.

When to get an asbestos inspection

When to get an asbestos inspection

When it comes to asbestos, it's better to be safe than sorry. Hire an asbestos inspection company before you demolish or remodel...

  • A chimney
  • A boiler or gas furnace
  • HVAC equipment or ductwork
  • A fire alarm or sprinkler system

We've got extensive renovation experience, so we're uniquely qualified to perform asbestos inspections in Staten Island, NY.